Absolutely based 15-year-old takes it to his woke school board.

This is the way. 👏

— 1776 Project PAC (@1776ProjectPac) February 23, 2023

Friend, this is what we’re fighting for.

Most students at 15 years of age are far more impressionable than this articulate young man.

When they hear woke propaganda in their schools that teaches that white people are oppressors and that people of color are oppressed- they believe it.

When they hear biological gender isn’t real they believe it….

…and when their teachers tell them that they can change their gender at will, they believe it.

One day, the students being taught these radical ideas will no longer be students. They’ll be Senators, CEOs, and thought leaders… And they’ll be even more radical than we thought possible.

But we at the 1776 Project PAC have a plan to turn things around for America’s students: Replace the radical leftist who infiltrated our nation’s school board with brave conservatives who are willing to FIGHT back and put an end to this indoctrination. 

Over the last 2 years, we’ve replaced over 100 radical leftist school board members.  And this year, we need your help to replace 250 more!

Will you chip in $17.76 today to help save our schools one school board at a time?

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