Dear American Patriot, 

America is at the crossroads faced with one path that will lead to the destruction of the United States. Once on that path it will lead to widespread poverty and despair like we are seeing in Venezuela.  We must change paths now!  

The founders of this country were against the two-party political system understanding that it would be a recipe growing the Central government exponentially. We find ourselves today with the two parties deciding for the people. They suppress the voice of the people by using the media to program people to think that they are the only means to have a safe and prosperous country. This is contrary to the principles that the United States was founded on and envisioned by the Framers. 

The 17th amendment lost the individual States much of their power over the Federal Government. With its passage in 1913 the States lost their voice within the Federal Government. The Framers of the Constitution intended on 2 separated houses within the legislative branch. One representing the voice of the people (The House of Representatives) and the second voice of The Senate. The Senate was to be selected from The State Legislatures.

We the People of the United States have an obligation to preserve our nation for future generations of Americans by ensuring that they have the same rights and freedoms that have been enjoyed by the generations that came before them. I would like to ask you for a small contribution to support the effort to return the power to the people. 


Samuel Williams 

Congressional Candidate 

915 493 0710


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