Anne Elizabeth's fight is to save this great country that her WWII Combat Navy Veteran father fought for.

“He raised me a Patriot. This country was built on the battlefield and I will take that battle to Congress in California's 49th District!  I am not a perfect politician, and I find that to be one of my greatest attributes!  As a matter of fact, I never will be a politician, I am “The People!” We need fewer politicians and more of you and me, those who truly represent this country and what it was built upon.

For too long Washington DC has been RULED by power-hungry politicians whose only interest is self-interest.  They should be representative of the will of the people, not pressure each other into voting a certain way by placing incentives into bills that benefit them until they cave!  That's not the people's voice, nor the will of the people; that’s the voice of the bureaucrats. 

Our country is changing and is moving further away from our constitution.  This is the government our founders warned us about!   I can't watch this great county go down the way it is. It’s time for us to fight! I’m willing to go to battle by running for Congress. I will return the voice of the people to the people and join those in congress who truly represent AMERICA FIRST values.

That’s why I’m running.

President Trump started a movement. Dually elected, then cheated out of his win, it’s up to us to carry his torch into this next election cycle, putting America First! The People First! American Values First! I will represent YOU!

My name is Anne Elizabeth. I am an America First Candidate.
I ask for your support in this fight, to help, to save, America!"

"We have a Republic - if we can keep it!”

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