Voters across Travis County are fed up with Jose Garza's dereliction of duty in his office as District Attorney and are demanding a change.  My name is Daniel Betts and I represent that change, but I cannot do it alone.

Your contributions go a long way to helping get the word out about this imporant campaign to save and preserve public safety in Travis County.  Every dollar, every donation matters.  Ask yourself if you feel safer than you did four years ago, and the nask yourself what you have done to affect change.  Don't give just enough so that I can lose, truly invest in the solution and donate enough so that I can actually win.

I thank you for getting this far, and I look forward to thanking you personally for your contribution.

For those that want to donate checks instead, they can be made out to:

Betts for DA

605 W. 14th St.

Austin, TX 78701

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