Ten years ago, I embarked on a mission to STOP OBAMACARE at all costs – even speaking on the Senate floor for 21 straight hours.

Right there by my side through it all, as my chief of staff, was rock-solid conservative fighter Chip Roy.

Now Chip is a member of Congress and leading the fight himself against an all-out radical woke agenda in Washington.

Chip is leading the fight to STOP destructive government spending.

Chip is leading the fight to SECURE the Biden Border Crisis.

Chip is leading the fight to BAN COVID mandates once and for all.

His battle cry is “No Border Security, No Funding.”

And it’s spot on: Chip is fighting to defund a government administration that’s at war with the American people.

He correctly points out that this administration’s RECKLESS ABUSE of immigration laws and refusal to address the crisis on our Southern border have led to dangerous fentanyl pouring into our communities.

Chip is going toe-to-toe with the Washington Establishment –– and he’s winning.

Because Chip isn’t going along to get along, he’s made a lot of powerful people in Washington angry. We need a strong show of support for Chip’s efforts to outweigh the massive liberal forces gathered against him.

Chip has been fighting for you. Will you help him in this battle?

- Ted Cruz


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