Each day at the legislature, I am fighting for Boone County families.

We have:

-Expanded Broadband Internet Access

-Broadened Educational Opportunities

-Protected Life & Christian Values

-Invested in Infrastructure and Economic Development

-Protected our 2nd Amendment from the Federal Government 

-Cut Regulations

-Lowered Taxes

-Fought for Coal and other Fossil Fuel Jobs that power our nation

-Fought Back Against the Radical Policies of the Biden Administration

-Protected Patient Visitation Rights 

-Lowered Prescription Drug Costs

-Protected Women's Sports

-Expanded Drug Court throughout WV

-Renewed West Virginia's strong support for Israel 

All just two 60-day legislative sessions!

I am seeking re-election to the West Virginia House of Delegates in 2022 to continue representing Boone County Values and putting West Virginians First.

I can not single-handily fight back against special interests, left-wing lobbying organizations, and powerful elitists who are livid that I refuse to be a puppet. I can't rely on tens of thousands of dollars from special interests and that's why I need your help by donating.

I am resolved that with the help of my supporters, small-dollar donors like yourself, and strong faith in God, we will prevail and our district will prosper. 

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