Dion Bergeron for U.S. Congress – Indiana District 1

Dion is a blue collar Republican alternative to the stuffed shirts and political elites that are hard at work destroying this country. He's a former truck driver and Correctional Officer that believes we need more regular people in our government. He wants accountability from Washington, supports our Constitution, and wants to return power to the people. He is a real voice for real people, and knows first hand the struggles and issues facing our country and our district.


Dion will fight to protect our rights, including our Right to Bear Arms, which is under constant assault, while working with all to comprehensively reform the health care system in this great nation. Dion opposes the ridiculous and unrealistic proposals from the far left that would bankrupt this country and destroy the economy of Northwest Indiana, such as the Green New Deal, and will never vote for anything that isn't in the best interests of District 1.


Dion believes that we are well on the way to Make America Great Again, but our President can't do it alone. He needs people in the House and Senate that support making America First, and Dion is the answer. Dion will always put our citizens first, before anyone or anything else.


In order to do this, he needs your help. Help us fight the establishment, and keep America First! Donate $10, $20, or whatever you can so that Dion Bergeron can represent YOUR interests!

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