We're facing serious problems stemming from a lack of moral leadership in our country.

That's why I'm running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington State's 10th Congressional District. This is normally rated a D+5 district; however, the 2022 election is shaping up to be a historic "red wave" and a Republican has a real chance of winning this race.

I grew up on a small farm in Pennsylvania where I learned the value of hard work; afterwards, I spent several years in the Army Airborne Infantry where I learned the value of a strong military protecting this country. 

After my tour was done in the Army, I made the decision to become an officer in the Seattle Police Department where I spent the last 30 years of my career. My experience as an officer reinforced my dedication to the Rule of Law as I saw first-hand what happens to a society when it isn't followed.

My life experiences have driven home a love and respect for our nation.

For too many years we’ve sent the same type of people, with the same bad, self-serving ideas to D.C. expecting different results; yet, all we have is more of the same. We can’t expect sound public policies if we continue to elect the same people, on the same hopeless path over-and-over again.

We need some good old-fashioned common sense right now in Washington, DC!

People with realistic, practical solutions can get us back on the right track. We must get back to what the founders envisioned when they set up our Representative Republic – Citizen Statesmen. People who've had a real jobs, who know what it’s like to struggle to day-to-day, but also feel a duty to take on the role of legislator for a short time.  In other words, not career politicians like the democrat I'm running against.

We have many dire issues facing our nation, but these are just a few I believe need to be addressed and supported immediately to improve the lives of the people of Washington State's 10th District, as well as the entire country.

  • A Strong, Non-Politicized Military for National Security
  • Affordable, Free Market Healthcare 
  • Ban Stock Trading by Congress and Federal Judges
  • Border Security is National Security
  • Election Security and Integrity 
  • Enact Term Limits for All Members of Congress
  • Honor the Commitment We’ve Made to Our Veterans
  • Increase U.S. Energy Independence and Reduce Energy Costs
  • Protect the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment
  • Reduce Homelessness by Addressing Drug Addiction & Mental Health
  • Reduce Taxes and Spending
  • Restore Parental Rights in Education and De-Politicize Our Schools
  • Stop Out-of-Control Inflation 
  • Support and Defend Law and Order

Thank you for your support! With your help, we can win this important fight to save our community and our country.

Yours in Freedom,
Keith R. Swank
Keep the Republic Safe

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