Please Support Matt Truong for Congress - Virginia 10th District

Bloomberg and Soros have recently funded a takeover of Virginia's legislature and many of the commonwealth's constitutional offices. Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D, VA-10) is on-board with their socialist schemes.  Please help us to take back the once proudly conservative 10th Congerssional District Seat in Virginia!

Matt Truong is a survivor of Communism, and knows exactly what we are fighting against.  As a teenager in the early 1980s, he escaped communist Vietnam with barely two pairs of clothes and two words of English.   After legally emigrating to the USA as a refugee, he worked hard to learn English, finished high school, and went on to earn a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering, founded several start-up tech companies, and now works as a Sales Executive for a Fortune 100 corporation.  He is the embodiment of the American Dream - something which would not be possible under a Socialist or Communist economic system!  

Matt Truong is:

  • A staunch Constitutional Originalist Bill-of-Rights Video 
  • Solidly Pro-Life - believes that life is the most fundamental right of all, and that adoption must replace abortion 
  • Pro Second Amendment - attended Lobby Day in Richmond to demand protection of our rights by state legislators Red-Flag Law Video
  • Formulating workable alternatives to Student Loan schemes and other socialist give-aways Socialism Video 
  • For LEGAL immigration, but also for STOPPING ILLEGAL immigration and the crime that comes with it
  • For reducing burdensome, unnecessary regulation and government interference which greatly increases business and consumer costs 
  • For lower income taxes - people are better at deciding how best to use their hard-earned money than the government 
  • A believer in free-market economics - that the mixed-economy / minimally-regulated Capitalist system is and has always been the best, most efficient means of providing economic opportunity to the masses and for reducing poverty. Free-Market Video
  • NOT a career politician, nor likely to become one - Matt believes that Congress should function as the Founders intended

Please support Matt Truong, a true Conservative for Congress!


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