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    House Freedom Fund
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    Jim Jordan for Congress

    House (OH-04)

    Patriots for Perry

    House (PA-10)

    Biggs for Congress

    House (AZ-05)

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    Bishop for Congress

    House (NC-09)

    Boebert headshot
    Lauren Boebert for Congress

    House (CO - 03)

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    Buck for Colorado

    Buck for Colorado

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    Ben Cline for Congress, Inc.

    House (VA-06)

    Cloud for Congress

    House (TX-27)

    Andrew clyde headshot
    Clyde for Congress, Inc.

    Clyde for Congress, Inc.

    Screen shot 2021 07 30 at 2.12.34 pm
    Crane for Congress

    Crane for Congress

    Screen shot 2019 07 23 at 10.38.09 am
    Davidson for Congress

    House (OH-08)

    Friends of Scott DesJarlais

    House (TN-04)

    Byron Donalds for Congress

    House (FL-19)

    Jeff Duncan for Congress

    House (SC-03)

    Photo 1
    Russ Fulcher for Idaho
    Russ Fulcher for Idaho
    Bob head shot 60 percent
    Good for Congress

    House (VA-05) 

    Paul Gosar for Congress

    House (AZ-09)

    Mark Green for Congress

    House (TN-07)

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    Marjorie Greene for Congress

    House (GA-14)

    Morgan Griffith for Congress

    House (VA-09)

    Andy Harris for Congress

    House (MD-01)

    Captain Higgins for Congress

    House (LA-03)

    Debbie Lesko for Congress

    House (AZ-08)

    Anna Paulina Luna for Congress

    House (FL-13)

    Screen shot 2019 10 23 at 11.03.28 am
    Mary Miller for Congress

    House (IL-15)

    Screen shot 2019 11 21 at 1.52.46 pm
    Barry Moore for Congress

    House (AL-02)

    Screen shot 2012 04 25 at 10.00.09 pm 400x400
    Nehls for Congress

    House (TX-22)

    Vyyzc8uk 400x400
    Ralph Norman for Congress

    House (SC-05)

    Ogles andrew 300x300
    Andy Ogles For Congress
    Andy Ogles For Congress
    Matt Rosendale for Montana

    House (MT-02)

    Chip roy
    Chip Roy for Congress

    House (TX-21)

    Tiffany, for Wisconsin, Inc

    House (WI-07)

    Img 6751
    Randy Weber for Congress

    House (TX-14)

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