Please support these conservative candidates with a split contribution today!

  • Jim Bognet (PA-08)
  • Kelly Cooper (AZ-04)
  • Eli Crane (AZ-02)
  • Yvette Herrell (NM-02)
  • Bo Hines (NC-13)
  • Joe Kent (WA-03)
  • Karoline Leavitt (NH-01)
  • Anna Paulina Luna (FL-13)
  • Max Miller (OH-07)
  • Scotty Moore (FL-09)
  • Sarah Palin (AK-AL)
  • Neil Parrott (MD-06)
  • Scott Perry (PA-10)
  • Sam Peters (NV-04)
  • David Schweikert (AZ-06)
  • Sandy Smith (NC-01)
  • Yesli Vega (VA-07)

“The House Freedom Fund helps conservative candidates get the financial support they need to compete and win.” — Congressman Jim Jordan

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    House Freedom Fund
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    Bognet for Congress

    House (PA-08)

    Cooper profilephoto2 copy
    Kelly Cooper for Congress

    Kelly Cooper for Congress

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    Crane for Congress

    Crane for Congress

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    Yvette Herrell for Congress

    House (NM-02)

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    Bo Hines for Congress

    Bo Hines for Congress

    Anna Paulina Luna for Congress

    House (FL-13)

    Max miller
    Max Miller for Congress

    Max Miller for Congress

    Patriots for Perry

    House (PA-10)

    Parrott for Congress

    House (MD-06)

    Friends of David Schweikert

    House (AZ-01)

    Sandy Smith for Congress Inc

    House (NC-01)

    20220923 vega winredbg youngkinendorsed
    Yesli Vega for Virginia

    Yesli for Congress

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