Run, Jenni, Run!

I am Jenni Petersen (aka Jeremy Hannon) and I need your help to take the truth directly to the Republican leaders at the top. The lies have gone on long enough.

In the spirit on my cousin Abraham Lincoln, the party of Lincon needs to get back to being about individual liberty, and not about hate that seems to be the current political motivator.

While many candidates do not even understand the relationships between gender, genotype, and phenotype, I have had to live it.  We should not be forcing non-life-threatening surgeries on infants and children, and we should not have a society where the best opportunities are for one gender, race, religion, etc.

I want to stand up for truth and take this fight directly to the Republican Presidential primaries and debates.

I need YOUR help!

I need backing to be able to enter the race as a candidate and get on the ballot in all 50 states plus DC!

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