Repeal the Parsippany PLA Ordinance

On October 18, the Parsippany Township Council voted 4-1 to introduce a blanket project labor agreement ordinance for all capital projects over $5 million put forward by the Township. I voted no. Parsippany is already in the midst of an overtaxation crisis, combined with serious structural problems in our finances. I do not hold an anti-union position. In fact, like some of you in town, many of my family members are hard-working, talented, and skilled union members. However, I have a financial responsibility to the taxpayer and from the beginning tried in vain to get a thorough understanding of why Parsippany had to be first town in Morris County to do this but the administration provided no answers or supporting evidence.

I made an oath from day one to fight to keep Parsippany affordable and enable residents to stay here and not flee our town. With that said, I believe it's not too late to repeal this ordinance and ensure our taxpayers are not negatively affected in the near future. Please join me in sending a message to the administration and my colleagues on the township council by signing this petition.