Simply Put...She's One of Us

"I've never run for a political office and I'm not backed by big lobby so I'm a political outsider. I'm excited to be a fresh new voice for my neighbors. I live in the heart of beautiful District 55. I know we need someone who will represent the issues we face everyday. There's probably not much that separates you from me because the same issues you care about are the same ones I care about.

We've had 24 years under the same State Representative. She says she works across the isle but always votes partyline even when it is NOT in the best interest of EVERY family in our state. 

The time is now. I am focused and committed. It's exciting to be part of a new group of leadership for Kansas. I don't want to make this a career - I just want to be able to get something done, for a change.

This election is not about me, it is about us - every single family living here in our district and throughout Kansas."

We thank you for your donation to a new generation of leadership and to Janlyn Nesbett-Tucker
for Kansas State Representative! 

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