Statement from Kevin Bishop
Republican candidate, South Carolina 3rd Congressional District

"Congratulations to Sheri Biggs and Mark Burns. Disappointed with the outcome, but I am incredibly proud of our campaign. We started late and in last place, but through sheer hard work and determination we worked our way toward the top of the field. We fought hard for each and every vote. I am truly grateful and honored to everyone who cast their vote for me. I just regret we were not able to get across the finish line."

"I have met incredible people across the Third District. They have opened their hearts to the Bishop family, introduced us to their friends and family, and encouraged us along the way. Julie and I cannot begin to express the appreciation we have for them. It truly means the world to the Bishop Family."

"I will take a few days off, survey the field, and determine my next step."

"I leave this race, not with disappointment, but with gratitude for the process and people the Bishops have met along the way. I truly believe that when it comes to me and the contributions I feel I can make to this county, district, and state, the best is yet to come."

"My campaign for Congress may be over, but my enduring love for this country and the values we hold dear is eternal."