Liberty First PAC Membership Program

Joining Liberty First PAC as a member allows you exclusive access to Liberty First PAC’s events, networking opportunities with a community of likeminded patriots, voter data and access to tools to help you organize in your neighborhood. 

Who Can become a Liberty First PAC member?

  • Residents of McHenry County who share Liberty First PAC’s vision and values and who want to work to support its mission.

Membership Benefits:

  • Monthly Meetings which include complimentary food and beverages and feature special guest speakers that will discuss relevant issues impacting McHenry County
  • Leadership Opportunities on Liberty First PACs four committees including Candidate Recruitment, Grassroots Outreach, Communications, and Fundraising
  • Members Only Content on Liberty First PAC’s website, which includes insight and analysis on McHenry County news and elections 
  • Credentialed Access to Data including contact information for voters in your precinct
  • Mobile Application Authorization so you can contact voters in your neighborhood about upcoming elections

By joining now, these benefits are accessible through June 30, 2022. An opportunity for a full-year renewal of membership will be available beginning July 1, 2022.

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