Donate to support Berman Specific Engineered SOLUTIONS! for Congress to truly-fix the failed courts (and other govt failures, the FED especially—but the FED’s a VERY hard problem, which is nevertheless approachable) and get REAL justice—not slogan "justice.” To prevent tragedies (costly in every way) like Mr Floyd’s; to get tenacious, effective advocacy by an engineer—a non-lawyer, someone not a member of that state-granted royal class of hypocritical incompetents who inflate simple concepts with mumbo-jumbo AND THEN GET IT WRONG. Who have wreaked havoc on the US for 40+ years, especially from the 1983 Feldman case. Realworld troubleshooters—machinists, welders, technicians, fixers of engines, airframes, HVAC, electrical, mech., electromechanical, hydraulic, plumbing, electronics; all engineers—cannot write or talk their way around problems, as lawyers/politicians do. Engineers analyze & solve. “The problem, as always, is concentrated power and its abuse." "'Conservative' Means Good Engineering; it doesn't mean stagnation." You want 100% flowery slogans? Go elsewhere. You want analysis, root cause, & solutions? You need to read and digest. Go to Fixing means a nose to the grindstone, not a blabbermouth.

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