This innovative group, known as Republican Women of New Hampshire, is poised to identify, inform, and actively engage women across the state.  No membership fee. Sign-up Today!

Mary Jane Beauregard, National Committee Women-elect and the chair of the Republican Women of New Hampshire expressed the imperative need for amplifying women's voices on crucial issues and fostering greater participation in elections, legislation, and businesses.

 "New Hampshire Republican Women have been playing a pivotal role since the passage of the 19th Amendment back in 1919. The New Hampshire Republican State Committee recognizes the invaluable contributions of women in our party and is committed to supporting and encouraging their involvement. We believe that when women are empowered, we can achieve incredible things together, such as preserving freedom, limiting government, and creating unlimited opportunities for all.

 We welcome women dedicated to championing human rights, safeguarding our children, and preserving our New Hampshire Advantage.