The radical Left is wreaking havoc on our beloved nation, and it's up to us to band together and put an end to their destructive agenda!

Daniel Norber is one of the fiercest leaders in America, tirelessly fighting to uphold our freedoms and champion our conservative values.

Daniel's grandparents survived the Holocaust, and his mother escaped Communism in the Soviet Union.

These harrowing experiences have deeply shaped his mission: to prevent such nightmares from ever taking root in America.

During the horrific attacks in Israel on October 7th, Daniel was trapped in a dark bunker with his family, fearing for his life as innocent Jews were being slaughtered.

Since that day, he has vowed to ensure that no American ever experiences such horror in their own country.

Daniel is running for office because he cannot sit by and watch our country fall to ruin due to the Democrats' policies.

Your contribution is vital. It will fuel our mission to restore individual liberty, uphold limited government, enforce the rule of law, ensure peace through strength, promote fiscal responsibility, champion free markets, and honor human dignity – before it's too late.

Will you stand with Daniel today and help restore common sense and conservative solutions in the New York Assembly with your donation?


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