PATRIOTS FOR FLORIDA CLUB, INC. Is a Florida Not-for-Profit Corporation that Supports and Encourages the Agendas of our 46th Governor of our Great State of Florida, Ron DeSANTIS, as well as our 45th President of the United States, Donald J Trump by Providing High-Quality Educational Events & Programs for its Membership.

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Educating Florida about Issues that Matter!

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    $80 - 1 Reception Ticket - Scott/Patronis
    $160 - 2 Reception Tickets - Scott/Patronis
    $240 - 3 Reception Tickets - Scott/Patronis
    $320 - 4 Reception Tickets - Scott/Patronis
    $400 - 5 Reception Tickets - Scott/Patronis
    $480 - 6 Reception Tickets - Scott/Patronis
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    Patriots for Florida Club, Inc.

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