2022 Election Year Survey 

    Do you believe Wisconsin was better off under Scott Walker and Rebecca than it is under Tony Evers?

    Do you believe critical race theory must be kept out of our schools?

    Did you approve of Tony Evers’ decision to close our schools, stripping our kids of formative years of development they will never get back?

    Are you concerned by the calls of Tony Evers’ radical Democrat allies to defund the police, especially after Evers’ failed leadership while Kenosha burned?

    Do you agree with Rebecca’s decision to ensure the 2022 election is secure by suing the Wisconsin Elections Commission for their unlawful guidance on the 2020 election?

    Do you approve of the jobs Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have done?

    Do you believe Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates are unconstitutional?

    What concerns you more, COVID-19 or the skyrocketing inflation we’re experiencing?

    Do you blame the Biden-Harris administration for the current inflation crisis?

    Who do you think better handled the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump administration, or the Biden-Harris administration?

    Which of the following is your TOP priority that you would like Rebecca to emphasize as she finalizes our campaign’s winning platform? (Try to select only 1)

    If you selected “Other,” please specify.

    (Optional) Is there anything else you would like Rebecca to know?