Peter Boykin is a Constitutional, Christian, Conservative, America First Patriot and is running for NC House District 63 in the Republican Primary on May 17th, and he needs you right now.

Alamance has changed over the years, growth that has brought jobs and new development to the district.

Unfortunately, this new prosperity has allowed the left from surrounding Democratic-controlled areas to slip in.

In 2018 we barely kept our District in Conservative control by 298 votes.

In 2020 the Democrats seized control of the district as it slipped away by 477 votes in part by HUGE spending by the Left.

In the end, the district was surrendered to a Joe Biden supporting Leftist named Ricky Hurtado.

From 2020 until now District 63 has been directly feeling the effects of a stolen Presidential election under the "leadership" of Hurtado.

Believe me the "Hurt" in his name has been felt.

With Radical Democrats like Ricky, we have runaway inflation, out-of-control spending, uncontrolled mass migration, a war on American energy, high gas prices, violent crime at home, and war and danger abroad.

All because Biden and the Left always put America LAST.

Don’t surrender again to the Democrats. Together, we can defeat them and restore Alamance towards a much brighter path.

It's time we take a Stand AGAINST this and Together Let's Take Back 63 from the failure of Leftist Policies before the light of hope in Alamance burns out.

Consider supporting the true Grassroots Campaign of Peter Boykin for NC 63 in the Republican Primary on May 17th.

Boykin has the Patriot Blood running through him that knows we have to FIGHT to Save Alamance, Save America and put Americans First starting with Alamance.

There are two others on the Republican primary ballot, a 4 term "experienced conservative", and a "talking points" candidate who may be able to "do the job."

The question is are they willing to fight to win and keep our district? or will they just be content with the "don't rock the boat" "conservative status-quo"

Bottom line is We must WIN in November, but in order to do that, we need a Candidate that can connect with the growing number of Unaffiliated Voters who are Walking (in fact Running) Away from being associated with Democrats.


We LOST 2018, and 2020 by putting our FAITH in Candidates who "raised the most" money, who doesn't "rock the boat", in fact too many turned out to be RHINOS and Weak when the Stakes were high.

So on May 17th, can you really Risk our District staying in the hands of the Radical Left by taking your chances on weak candidates, or do you place our future in the hands of a PROVEN Fighter?

Peter Boykin works for We The People, not for the government, and he needs to know that he can count on you,

This year, we get the chance to take our District back and make Alamance County once again a Solid Conservative Red County.

Can He Count on You?

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