Our nation’s future can be bright.

I have a plan to make it so.

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- Sen. Rick Scott

  • Our kids will say the pledge of allegiance, salute the Flag, learn that America is a great country, and choose the school that best fits them.
  • Government will never again ask American citizens to disclose their race, ethnicity, or skin color on any government forms.
  • The soft-on-crime days of coddling criminal behavior will end. We will re-fund and respect the police.
  • We will secure our border, finish building the wall, and name it after President Donald Trump.
  • We will grow America’s economy, starve Washington’s economy, and stop Socialism.
  • We will eliminate all federal programs that can be done locally, and enact term limits for federal bureaucrats and Congress.
  • We will protect the integrity of American Democracy and stop left-wing efforts to rig elections.
  • We will protect, defend, and promote the American Family at all costs.
  • Men are men, women are women, and unborn babies are babies.
  • Americans will be free to welcome God into all aspects of our lives.
  • We are Americans, not globalists.

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