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    Would you vote for Trump a 3rd time?

    Do you plan on voting in the 2022 Midterm Elections?

    What do you consider yourself politically?

    Are you a registered voter?

    What political party do you normally support?

    Did you vote in the 2020 election?

    Do you vote in all Presidential elections?

    What age group do you identify with?

    How do you plan on casting your vote?

    Do you think Critical Race Theory (CRT) should be banned in our Nation’s schools?

    Do you approve or disapprove of the Democrats' agenda to raise taxes?

    Do you believe Joe Biden and his administration are responsible for the rise in inflation?

    Do you think Joe Biden has led our country in the wrong direction?

    Do you believe Joe Biden is responsible for the hike in gas prices?

    Do you disapprove of Joe Biden?

    Do you believe voters should be required to show photo identification before voting?

    Do you oppose non-citizens being allowed to vote?

    Are you concerned about the Radical Left’s effect on this country?

    Do you believe parents have a right to have input on what their children are taught in public school?

    Do you miss President Trump?

    Do you think our country was better off under President Trump or Joe Biden?

    Do you support free speech?

    Do you believe Big Tech is censoring Republicans?

    Will you fight to make sure Trump’s legacy is upheld in 2022?

    Do you support the 2nd Amendment and your constitutional right to bear arms?

    Do you support securing our southern border?

    Do you think the current Biden Border Crisis is out of control?

    Do you support building President Trump’s border wall?

    Do you want to see a Republican Red Wave in November?

    Can we count on your support during this critical Election year?

    Are you ready to defeat the Radical Left in November?

    Can we count on you to give $10 to ensure Trump victories down ballot?

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    Save America Joint Fundraising Committee

    Save America Joint Fundraising Committee

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