Official Trump Rally Speech Prep Survey

    Have you ever attended a Trump Rally?

    Do you want to attend a Trump Rally?

    Where do you usually get your news?

    Do you trust the fake news media?

    Do you agree we must always protect the integrity of our Elections?

    Do you agree the Democrats need to put America FIRST?

    What topics do you think President Trump should talk about at his Rally?

    Do you approve of the job President Donald Trump did as our Nation’s 45th President?

    Did you vote for President Trump in the 2020 Election?

    Do you agree that President Trump must SAVE AMERICA from Joe Biden?

    Do you agree that President Trump should continue working to elect strong conservatives around the Nation?

    Do you agree that President Trump led our Country in the right direction?

    Do you agree that Joe Biden is leading our Country in the wrong direction?

    Who do you believe is a better fit to lead our Nation?

    Is there anything else you’d like to share with President Trump before he goes on stage?

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