See Nash Run in this Campaign to preserve the Freedom and Liberty of Texas.

I started in politics on the grassroots level, and have worked on over 60 political campaigns from starting as a block walker to being a Political Director on a U.S. Congressional campaign.  I first ran for office as a Precint Chair, and sucessfully won multiple terms.  I then served as Executive Director of Hudspeth County Republican Party, and next I was Chairman for Culberson County Republican Party.  I was appointed by Chairman Rinaldi, with full support of our SREC members.   I am now running to be your Representative for Texas House District #74. 

The Primary Election is on March 3, 2026, and I look forward to advancing and winning the November 3, 2026 General Election, which is also a Gubernatorial Election.

We need leaders who not only understand the law, but will also embrace your concerns when it comes to border security, personal responsibility, quality education, and the District's needs.  You need a Representative who will Run for You, and be a voice for you.

I am committed to the men, women, and children of our community.  I have a B.S. in Criminal Justice, unbias decision making skills, mediator/judicial experience and knowledge, and an astute observer. I am not a politician, I am an advocate, and the Representative for the people.  See Nash Run for you, and elect me to be your House Representative for District #74.  #SeeNashRun

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