Leadership and Transparency is needed now more than ever in the Warren County Auditor's office. 

Mark Snell is a proven leader serving as:

  • Chief of Staff for Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate 
  • Gubernatorial Appointments Director/Aide to Governor Terry Branstad
  • Executive Director for the Ames and Clear Lake, Iowa Chambers and Economic Development Commissions.

Mark has served communities as:

  • Vice President of the Ames School Board
  • Executive Director of the Ames and Clear Lake Chambers and Economic Development Commissions
  • Finance Director for the Boy Scouts of America Mid Iowa Council

Warren County is the 11th largest County in Iowa

  • It's time to have transparent elections in Warren County
  • It's time to have leaders that can calculate tax information accurately
  • It's time to have forward thinking leadership that anticipates growth instead of reacting to it
  • It's time to have leaders that are good stewards of our resources

We need Mark Snell as Warren County Auditor

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