What uncertain times we live. There is an uneasy feeling in the world that everyone senses yet no one can identify. Covid-19 has shut down the planet, even Mount Everest was swept clean from a human presence. And while I write this the world is under house arrest. Yet strangely,,, The virus is not the fear. Family members and friends alike all have their own theory of what the true threat may be. We all agree and I have heard it a thousand times : "The world is upside down" and "Nothing makes sense anymore" . This danger comes from within and is cloaked in the titles of America and as such difficult for so many to discern. The MSM willing accomplises to this trechory giving cover to and participating in Treason. The current manifestation of this old Foe has been a battle of incramentalism , a war of attrition the left has sought to employ (and forgive the PUN but) like Chineese water torture. Slowly and mithodically erroding our rights through endless legislation designed to subvert every day citizens rights. I have sounded the alarm for more than 20 years now , at times ridiculed for my beliefs but the uneasyness that all seem to feel  It is what I am sure many people in countless  countries over millenea have felt just before the dark veil of Comunism, Socialism, Fascism fell on their families and Nation. I urge all to act NOW to pledge whatever you can to a REAL- Tangable cause for Justice and change in our country. Don't be a armchair quarterback that complains about how terrible it all is but never act to change the course.

I urge all of my fellow Americans to support our President Donald J. Trump !! A great man, wonderful family, and all that is standing in the way of Tyranny on your and my behalf.

Pleas all , our founding fathers gave us power in times like these

ARTICAL V : Convention of States_ Please look this up

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