Fellow Texan,

Children are being confronted daily by highly sexualized content.

Unfortunately, this is a pervasive issue. Teachers, librarians, and progressives in the public square are polluting the innocent minds of Texas kids.

That’s why the Texas Family Project is working to Stop the Sexualization of Children so the most innocent among us are protected.

Please join us and sign your name to the Stop the Sexualization of Children Petition, demanding your lawmakers support legislation to penalize perverts who indoctrinate children.

For Texas, 

Chris Hopper
Executive Director of Texas Family Project

WHEREAS: The innocence of children is a thing to be cherished and protected for as long as possible; and

WHEREAS: Progressive activists in positions of authority are confronting children with graphic sexual content and concepts; and

WHEREAS: Delegates to the Texas Republican Party convention have made Stopping Sexualization of Children a legislative priority;

THEREFORE: On behalf of innocent Texans being accosted with sexualization in public places, I insist you publicly go on record in support of Stopping the Sexualization of Children. Texas Family Project will keep me informed of your actions!