You DESERVE a choice!  Hawaii has stumbled for the last two decades with the same leadership who only listen to special interest groups and lobbyists!  They have forgotten who they serve- the local families of Hawaii!  It's time we reminded them!  Please donate to my campaign so we can show them it's time for a change!  Our keiki and kupuna deserve better!  WE deserve better!  Won't you join me? 

Contributions to Friends of Kelly Kitashima are limited to $4,000 in the aggregate for the election period from Hawaii residents. Hawaii law requires Friends of Kelly Kitashim to collect and report the required itemization information for contributions received. To comply with the legal disclosure requirements, we collect and report the contributor’s name, address, and, as applicable, occupation and employer. Information disclosed in campaign finance reports is a matter of public record. By law, we may not accept and do not accept contributions from foreign nationals, foreign corporations, or domestic corporation or local subsidiary owned by a foreign national where financial control is retained by a foreign corporation; from persons or entities with certain contracts with the state, any of its counties, or any department or agency during the pendency of the contract; or, from any person who intends to seek reimbursement for contributions from any other person or entity.

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